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Finding myself in the madness

Walking along the streets of the city

Cool breeze  wraps and caresses me and the sweet kiss rain drops on my face dispel 

I look to empty stares in screens, reflections of loneliness I see in them, they are lost in conversation 

A mother and child in the corner I remember, wrapt in the childs murmur is the mother, eyes closed

An umbrella  her head supports as she chimes to the child

Oh! what bliss the peace in each others company 

Colours, shapes and movement, impart the nature of life

In colour our eyes distinguish the angst of a generation

They want to be heard, seen and met with fulfillment, voices in the din

Oh ! but the attention has drifted, each in their own element with their device

Unsettling the rampant cacophony of banter, drowns those voices

That wonder lost to make believe relics and wonders of modern

Enslaved to chains of glory and charm, albeit are asunder in title redeemed

What then is this pursuit worth, a badge of honor futile, the homeless tread proud



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