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Have you ever tasted “chai” from different “tapris” local tea vendors? The taste seems to differ everywhere. It seems strange that I am speaking of a triviality like drinking tea. Well tea drinking is something that comes natural to me and to many i know. There is an elaborate science that goes into the making of tea. The flavorings, taste, the make whether it is grainy or not, does it make drinking a pleasurable experience or not. These are just a few classes that i can think of.

There we were sitting and sipping on the hot cups of chai, basking in the sun, and enjoying the humidity on the Pune- Mumbai expressway. There was a problem with the bus; the capacity that we had anticipated has was exceeded well over the limit. So here we waiting for another bus to arrive to shed off the excess flab that our bus had. We were on our way for a picnic to lonavala. I was cursing the person who decided the location, since taking 70 people to a place like lonavala, and hoping to enjoy is an irony of sorts. I believe there is not much to that place other than the gawking crowd if you are accompanied by ladies in the band of people. And more so if you have families accompanied in the band, which makes the experience that much more of “why god why me of all the people”

As we reached the first stop was “Tigers leap point”, the idea of going to Bhushi dam was scrapped to avoid the gawking crowd as I mentioned earlier. Not to mention people enjoyed the breathtaking views of the valley below thoroughly at the tiger leap point. A splash of water here and some there, the lens enthusiasts with the cameras were busy with emptying their equipment of power. After which we went on to the Karla caves where the Stupa and the wood work as old as 2300 years was an interesting sight to see. But since people were told that there is a temple there, they went into the temple first which took too much time, and most of them missed 2300 year old architecture. Lunch was after that at 4 pm.

The main idea behind visiting a hill station is to get wet and more wet rather than enjoy the locations being shown, that we realized later. People were not too comfortable in wasting their time at other places than go to the water falls.

There is a thing or two about picnics to hill stations,

1. You should have completed visiting the interesting spots before lunch

2. Lunch has to be between 2-3 pm to avoid hunger stricken, tired individuals.

3. After which the final destination of the picnics should be, a good water fall (where people can have a bath)

We visited the Bhaje caves, not for the caves but for the water falls close to it, some distance from Lonavala, towards Pune. We were to go to the Kune falls but since it was getting late and also to satiate people’s desire for a water fall we went to the ones near the Bhaje caves. The scenery was amazing with all of us enjoying in the cold water. People were singing to glory and some sleeping in the bus, as we made our way back after dinner. I tried my bit to sing with a hoarse throat and arouse people’s interest in the singing but to no effect. I then just gave up and left the idea, to await my return to the hostel.


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