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Bring out the best


We seek the O Lord in out daily life, we see thy presence in our midst

Where or where can we seek thee but in our selves

Seldom do we find you in ourselves, others we hold as mirrors, to find you

Seek but the way a friend or a foe makes your presence felt


We are but here for each other, in trials and tribulation, our duty to bring out the best

Best or worst a choice we make, along this journey in life

The purpose in life is to be thy the pen that thy hand holdeth,

Writing the history of time, one person at a time


A photographer captures in the best their smile can be, they mirror the eyes of truth

Their depths revealed to those who know not their truer selves

The teacher teacheth pupil, and soweth the seed of wonder

Showeth in brighter futures its true and hidden colours


We are but stones, on rustic mountain sides, people as seasons chisel away, a constant

The harsher we place our selves, the greater the pain of losing our older selves

Createth in us, the angels we set out to become, though create demons of us others

Trust in the people like the farmer trusteth the rain, broken trust a heart break or createth stronger

At the end of day we stand , galiant and radiant to our creator

Careful oh wanderer, where thou goweth, there lie angels and demons alike on path untroden


We can be there for those, who ask our help, Can there be be a bridge where no waters lie

Let not ourselves seek those to whom we ask,trust is but a virtue some cherish and others use

Let stones remain on those mountain sides, choice govern our existance

The choice is not ours, but the inner stone to choose to change


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The white beast

the white beast at unease

chained to a piller, riled by thought
in dispair cries out, no one listens
tugs and pulls, the chain too strong
all but a figment of imagination though is
though not without reason the chain exist
though with reason it hankers the mind
clutching and squeezing as it tightens with time
oh but a figment of that reason
many have tried
many have failed
break they didnt the lock of the chains
shackles that make the white beauty a beast
shackles that keep the beast within alive
oh but the beast holds the key
its freedom within reach
nought does the beast unshackle itself
lest not others mock and feast

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The keyhole though minuscule is but a window to opportunity that lies await,
Boundless is the chance for discovery, truths that lay bare the architecture of complexity,
Truth chances upon those that take the leap of faith, those hungry for knowledge,
The perfect fit unlocks the doors, only the worthy perform this mundane an act.


Lost in those mundane conversations, those debates we partake,
The journey of unravelling we seek to justify through that,
We peer through those keyholes at times into glimpses visible so little,
Judging those that tear down barriers and reach for the key.


The keys were placed within reach even before walking became second nature
Innocence a medium for access, an open mind to see through the rut,
Society snatched the innocence, clouded the mind with pride,
Wrapped in prejudices are we so often thus, unable to break the shackles.


We ask for what we cannot have and chase dreams we cannot reach,
We forget, that its but the turn of the key in our hands that opens the mind,
Can the windows to opportunity be changed we ask, can the locks be remade,
Questions from those that forget life in the present, a reflection unreal.

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There she was in the distance, as she walked like a careless whisper

The sands of time drifted at her feet, the belly of the earth she stroked with her toes

She looked to the wind, to the far sun as it settled in the distant sea

Her sights set to control, to make subservient the wildest of beast

He was but a vagabond lying on the seashore, knowing not the next town he’d be

As he looked into the distance, a white ghost is all he could see

As it approached he stood to peer at the glitter that floated over the water

He noticed but a women in all her grace, walking toward him

She looked at him and saw, they gazed at each other in the moment

Thunder and lightning fell from the sky, upon the earth as they gazed

The rain seemed to wet all but the path between them.

As they approached each other, the rain grew stronger still

He knew that he had reached his destination, lie he could in the peace of her arms

She know the emptiness she felt being filled as they approached

They embraced knowing their journeys were at an end

They fell to the ground, knowing their home was in sight

It is so with life and death, as life meets death the journeys end

The emptiness is filled with calm and peace

The longing is quelled, the demons driven away

Alas we fear that which makes us whole.

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The war within

I lay myself on that cool white sand and look at the stars

The stars at play in the dark sky I see, oblivion a blurr

Sitting myself up I feel the breeze, as it whispers in my ear

Those chills it sends over my skin, keen to let me know


I wake on that sand and sit myself up

I look to the distant ship, floating far far away

A wonder it seems to look at the far expanse of water

Hearing the birds tweet, makes me want to fly


Is life like that ship I wonder, a distant aim to be achieved

A colossal expanse to cover as I move towards that goal

Is life like the birds I wonder, living life as each moment

Like each moment tweet they must, to cherish and to hold


As the waters caress my feet, they cover my feet and leave it wet

They say to me that they must wrap my feet though I want not

Troubled times like water, covers my existence and the journey ensues

It makes wonder why I am here, do I live just to fight each day


As I walk along, the heart is uneasy at the core

I ponder each day the race begins, outwit we must to feed our existence

The war begins at the core of our existence, taking us to new highs

Little do we realise, we fight none but ourselves


Where can we find ourselves, but in ourselves

Where are the roads that lead to happiness, but within

Where does sadness seat itself, but at the core of our existence

Where oh where I ask the mortal, why do they look beyond the self

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Innocent are those eyes, deep in them I see a wonderful friend

The smile could take the breath away, i can lose my self in them

Hope to be there in troubled times are rife, though no cares of the world

Why may I doubt the intention, care I need the least?


As i walk the untrodden path, the demons come out to play,

They wear grabs of friendship, lest i notice their hidden rot.

I know not what they want, beguiled by their luster i am led,

Overwhelmed was I of the following, questioned not i even once why.


Oh how but how can one know the good from the bad,

Where oh where may I get directions of how to look beneath the masks,

Is there no one who can lift that veil for me,tied are my hands,

Why oh why do I have to dig deep inside, those skeletons unearthed.


Strange are the ways of the world, we see one thing and get just the opposite,

We need but to avoid the ditches in our path, lest we are fooled.

Strange are the people we meet, stab they must when we look the other way,

We need but to avoid those, lest they spoil us too.


We live in a word of bent spines and broken rules,

Promises made need not last their course, they are but a need of the hour

We exist among those who have no conscience,

Lies sugar coated to suit, the mountain of them buried under a facade


As i watch on, enlightened now more than ever, astounded at their finesse to deceive,

Crave do i to inform the gullible, to divulge the ineptitude they embrace.

Hold myself though lest i am rebuked, distanced from the ones who call me their own,

Enlightened can they be when they open their minds, open to the truth i worry though lest not too late

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Faces we meet each day, a world we know not without them

Intriguing , scary, wondering and the likes

They walk past along streets, some walk along into and out of lives

Faces we see mirrors in some, its a face that begins a life


Each face has a reason to be, a reason to turn a leaf in the pages of life

Faces of the present past and the future

Long have we forgotten some faces, hidden within our pasts

They have been buried in the sands of time, immortal in us


Conniving faces in abundance are present

Seeking to draw from our well of plenty

Leave they must, quenched from their thirst

To seek another face, whose shine snatch they must


Some faces depart not in adversity or pain

They are our guiding light in the dark

Sometimes they walk beside, most others they carry us

Trudging with us though they can run, strong in their resolve to be with us.


Faces hold hands to take us through what we must learn

Drag an unwilling us, through the fires of trial

Running away, no solution to a problem

We must but learn to face the faces of reality

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