Colour Brave

Mellody Hobson,  talks about numbers and the unconsciously perpetrated habit of colour blindness around us. We tend to be consciously colour blind and feel that being around a diversity of people is odd and being around people of the same colour is normal.

Citing the example of the small pox vaccine, she drives home the point that we as a diverse race and nation we must include this diversity to envisage solutions to our day to day problems.Numbers don’t lie, here is  story about racial discrimination.

It reminds me of our own problem, where people within our country are ill informed about their own. Calling north easterners Chinese, Phillipino etc.  Recently when I introduced Mellisa to our group, one among the group literally said” Is she a Filipino”. I had to correct him in that.  I guess race is not just about colour, its about being.




Its a beautiful article of  how simple the world of a child can be and is.

Hope you love it to , it makes you feel how the father felt, ” a child can be the father of man” after all.

People out there please make an effort not to judge based on colour, creed, religion, caste.

Each one has a battle to fight, of kids to raise, of bread to win, of expectations to match, of a life to make.

With you not judging them its just a little easier for them to fight that battle.

The class wars cannot be explained in as much detail as has been explained,here in this video

Bring out the best

Bring out the best


We seek the O Lord in out daily life, we see thy presence in our midst

Where or where can we seek thee but in our selves

Seldom do we find you in ourselves, others we hold as mirrors, to find you

Seek but the way a friend or a foe makes your presence felt


We are but here for each other, in trials and tribulation, our duty to bring out the best

Best or worst a choice we make, along this journey in life

The purpose in life is to be thy the pen that thy hand holdeth,

Writing the history of time, one person at a time


A photographer captures in the best their smile can be, they mirror the eyes of truth

Their depths revealed to those who know not their truer selves

The teacher teacheth pupil, and soweth the seed of wonder

Showeth in brighter futures its true and hidden colours


We are but stones, on rustic mountain sides, people as seasons chisel away, a constant

The harsher we place our selves, the greater the pain of losing our older selves

Createth in us, the angels we set out to become, though create demons of us others

Trust in the people like the farmer trusteth the rain, broken trust a heart break or createth stronger

At the end of day we stand , galiant and radiant to our creator

Careful oh wanderer, where thou goweth, there lie angels and demons alike on path untroden


We can be there for those, who ask our help, Can there be be a bridge where no waters lie

Let not ourselves seek those to whom we ask,trust is but a virtue some cherish and others use

Let stones remain on those mountain sides, choice govern our existance

The choice is not ours, but the inner stone to choose to change

The white beast

the white beast at unease

chained to a piller, riled by thought
in dispair cries out, no one listens
tugs and pulls, the chain too strong
all but a figment of imagination though is
though not without reason the chain exist
though with reason it hankers the mind
clutching and squeezing as it tightens with time
oh but a figment of that reason
many have tried
many have failed
break they didnt the lock of the chains
shackles that make the white beauty a beast
shackles that keep the beast within alive
oh but the beast holds the key
its freedom within reach
nought does the beast unshackle itself
lest not others mock and feast



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