The class wars cannot be explained in as much detail as has been explained,here in this video

Bring out the best

Bring out the best


We seek the O Lord in out daily life, we see thy presence in our midst

Where or where can we seek thee but in our selves

Seldom do we find you in ourselves, others we hold as mirrors, to find you

Seek but the way a friend or a foe makes your presence felt


We are but here for each other, in trials and tribulation, our duty to bring out the best

Best or worst a choice we make, along this journey in life

The purpose in life is to be thy the pen that thy hand holdeth,

Writing the history of time, one person at a time


A photographer captures in the best their smile can be, they mirror the eyes of truth

Their depths revealed to those who know not their truer selves

The teacher teacheth pupil, and soweth the seed of wonder

Showeth in brighter futures its true and hidden colours


We are but stones, on rustic mountain sides, people as seasons chisel away, a constant

The harsher we place our selves, the greater the pain of losing our older selves

Createth in us, the angels we set out to become, though create demons of us others

Trust in the people like the farmer trusteth the rain, broken trust a heart break or createth stronger

At the end of day we stand , galiant and radiant to our creator

Careful oh wanderer, where thou goweth, there lie angels and demons alike on path untroden


We can be there for those, who ask our help, Can there be be a bridge where no waters lie

Let not ourselves seek those to whom we ask,trust is but a virtue some cherish and others use

Let stones remain on those mountain sides, choice govern our existance

The choice is not ours, but the inner stone to choose to change

The white beast

the white beast at unease

chained to a piller, riled by thought
in dispair cries out, no one listens
tugs and pulls, the chain too strong
all but a figment of imagination though is
though not without reason the chain exist
though with reason it hankers the mind
clutching and squeezing as it tightens with time
oh but a figment of that reason
many have tried
many have failed
break they didnt the lock of the chains
shackles that make the white beauty a beast
shackles that keep the beast within alive
oh but the beast holds the key
its freedom within reach
nought does the beast unshackle itself
lest not others mock and feast



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Another opinion

Dear PP

Opinions are a bunch of ramblings, some may like them and others discard them. The love hate relationship between those that do that don’t is an endless battle of wits. Although there is some equanimity with some opinions like patriotic sentiment, and the like  there is little if not more of a divide in some types of opinions like where in the insti is it possible to get the best chai.

The natural urge of expression, although stifled in its reach, is the right that our generation has the privilege of having. The constitution states in article 19 clause 1 subclause a,  the freedom of speech and expression. The blatant use and abuse of it alike are in full flow with the advent of social networking. We the facebook and the twitter generation have been given the opportunity of shooting off arrows in the heart of a community that is hungry and thirsty for its daily dose of Big Boss. 

The questions that come to mind are naturally those of intrigue. Are opinions needed? Are all of them warranted? What use are those opinions if they plagiarize without citation, opinions of others? What use are they if they just pay homage to a an event in the infinitesimal period of time in history?  Is there any weight to them if they can’t withstand the manipulative tactics of the polity?

Although society has seen the best and the worst forms of expression. The need for opinion is but a natural urge that allows us to connect, contradict, criticize and learn. Allowing us to think, alter our world views and grow as individuals.  What have we learnt from all the ramblings of a nation? The same nation that places a deaf ears to the ramblings of the Facebook generation and goes about in its daily duties of rape, discrimination, politics etc. Our generation as I have the privilege of calling it, has forgotten that this technology has bridged a thin hairline fracture of commerce and information, but is failing to bridge the larger divide of societal mindsets.

Here is where opinions have a larger role to play. I ask, can these opinions travel to our hinterlands, our own homes and societies at large to sensitise individuals. To create respect for individuals at large.  Can they bridge the divide of oppressive mindsets to build a more flatter playing ground? Can they make a the change felt in a cause?


She is old,and frail, and at 90 she is inspiration to all those who come to visit her.

She has seen the death of her eldest child, and has seen the demise of her husband.

She is mother grand mother great grand mother yet the grace fades not

Those frail hands perched on the ledge stay all day, perched on the kitchen sink, cook and clean even till today

Clear vision (no spectacles) and a strong memory are her hall mark, other can just look at her and wonder.

People come by to visit, to see a reflection of what they can hope to be, and know that all is not lost even today

All willing to give, all willing to mother the ones that come along.

All I can see is that Woman perched on the ledge, joined hands, watching the world go by.

Time stands still as I watch, the aches and pains of today’s world remind, yet leave her untouched.

What will I be, what can I be What can I do, to be of service.

I cant because all is fulfilled within her, she needs none.



Grandma Filician