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utna toh understanding toh hoga hi yar
These were the words that came out of Ketan at the mess table. The conversation, a light conversation which started with an answer to the question, asked by an interviewer at a recent placement session. We were discussing how lucky we were to get mess food. and how difficult it would be without it. One suggested to get married. I was like”dude you cannot marry just so that your wife can cook for you”. To which he retorted ”we ofcourse she would do all the house work if she were not working”. But as I replied back “You cant assume such stuff once married, especially in todays world”. Just thought to myself, how difficult it would be for a working woman to relocate to a foreign country after marriage and be relegated to the task of just being a cook/maid etc.

A lady friend had this to day when i narrated the story ”I have told my boy friend, i am like this, i cant cook, and its not going to change after marriage”, though she does agree that after marriage its will be a different ball game altogether.

It would be nice to have a few views on this, the story is still incomplete without you guys pitching in.


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