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The keyhole though minuscule is but a window to opportunity that lies await,
Boundless is the chance for discovery, truths that lay bare the architecture of complexity,
Truth chances upon those that take the leap of faith, those hungry for knowledge,
The perfect fit unlocks the doors, only the worthy perform this mundane an act.


Lost in those mundane conversations, those debates we partake,
The journey of unravelling we seek to justify through that,
We peer through those keyholes at times into glimpses visible so little,
Judging those that tear down barriers and reach for the key.


The keys were placed within reach even before walking became second nature
Innocence a medium for access, an open mind to see through the rut,
Society snatched the innocence, clouded the mind with pride,
Wrapped in prejudices are we so often thus, unable to break the shackles.


We ask for what we cannot have and chase dreams we cannot reach,
We forget, that its but the turn of the key in our hands that opens the mind,
Can the windows to opportunity be changed we ask, can the locks be remade,
Questions from those that forget life in the present, a reflection unreal.


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